A New Paradigm in Neuroscience Research

The tremendous advantages of the miniature two-photon microscope in neuroscience research have earned it a great deal of recognition from well-known experts and scholars in the field.

Sub-cellular Imaging

Imaging Neuronal Dynamics at Single Spine Level

In 2017, the team led by Dr. Heping Cheng, the experienced academician of China Scientific Academy, successfully developed a miniature head-mounted two-photon microscope, which allowed animals to move around while “wearing” it. This new microscope has enabled, for the first time in the world, clear and stable imaging of neurons and synapses in the brain of free-moving mice. It is hailed as a revolutionary new tool for neuroscience.

In vivo Two-photon Microscopy Imaging System

In vivo Two-photon Microscopy Imaging System

In vivo Two-photon Microscopy Imaging System

The two-photon microscopy uses an microscope objective to focus near-infrared femtosecond laser pulses into the sample, where the fluorescence molecules at the focal point undergo two-photon absorption and emit fluorescence photons when returning from the excitated state to the ground state. 
The imaging system manipulates the laser beam to perform three-dimensional scanning of the sample and records the spectral and intensity information of the light signal collected at each pixel position, thereby achieving multi-channel 3D tomography.

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Honors & Patents

Possess multiple patents and awards

“Method of the Year 2018” by Nature Methods

“Method of the Year 2018” by Nature Methods

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Apply for 36 patents, and the company has cooperated with multiple research institutions and hospitals


Published 56 articles in international conferences and journals, highly recognized by renowned experts and scholars in the industry


We have established business coperation with more than 50 domestic and foreign partners to achieve outstanding win-win results in global technology

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08/18 2023

Welcome to Visit Our Booth #1611 at Neuroscience 2023(SfN)

Society for Neuroscience 2023 (SfN) is a prestigious international conference that focuses on the field of neuroscience. Scientists from around the world will congregate at SfN to discover new ideas, share their research, and experience the best the field has to offer. Welcome to booth #1611.

11/21 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Transcend Vivoscope Unveils Cutting-Edge Imaging Technologies at SfN 2023

Washington D.C., Nov. 15, 2023 — Transcend Vivoscope made a triumphant return to Neuroscience 2023 (SfN) this year. Guided by the philosophy "Better Technology, Better Life", our team showcased our visionary array of neuroscientific imaging innovations, including "Multi-Photon Imaging of Freely Behaving Animals", "Multicolored Miniaturized Dual-Photon Microscopy for Deep Brain Imaging", and an engaging demonstration of "SUPERNOVA-100".

08/16 2023

Esteemed Korean Professors Explored Innovations at Transcend Vivoscope

In a significant event for cross-border scientific collaboration, Prof. Suh from the Department of Biological Sciences at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and Prof. Kim from the Center for Life Sciences at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), embarked on an enlightening visit to the Beijing Headquarters of Transcend Vivoscope. The visit was facilitated through the joint invitation of Prof. Choi from the School of Medicine at Seoul National University and Transcend Vivoscope, which allowed for a comprehensive and in-depth exchange of ideas regarding miniature multiphoton microscopic technologies, solutions, applications and international cooperation in the field of neuroscience.