Miniature Two-photon Microscopic System


A Brief Introduction of Products

Fast high-resolution two-photon microscope (FIRM-TPM) achieves high-resolution real-time imaging in freely moving animals. It provides a new tool for exploring the brain structure and function.

Real-time Imaging of Single Spine Activities in Freely Moving Animal

FHIRM-TPM was developed by Professor Heping Cheng's lab from Peking University. It creates a new research paradigm in brain science and is praised by many neuroscientists home and abroad. Professor Edvard I. Moser, the 2014 Nobel Physiology or Medicine Prize laureate, called it "a revolutionary new tool for Spatial Representation System Study". This innovation was also selected as one of the "Top Ten Scientific Advances in China in 2017 and was recognized as "Method of The Year 2018" by Nature Methods (Imaging freely behaving animals) in January 2019.
Real-time Imaging of Single Spine Activities in Freely Moving Animal

Product Advantages

A new type of fiber is used to deliver 920-nm femtosecond laser pulses for GCaMP and GFP excitation ;

The optical probe can be installed and disassembled easily, which minimizes the risk of entanglement of the connecting bundles as the animal moves around;

Flexible and soft fibers and cables are used to minimize stretch and tension on mice and ensure stable imaging;

The imaging system can be integrated with a detachable fast z-scanning module to achieve volumetric imaging for the study of neuronal network;

It can also be integrated with red channel module and green channel module for two-channel imaging;

With the great advantages of small size and light weight, the optical probe of the imaging system can be carried on the head of small animals for imaging under freely moving conditions.

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