SUPERNOVA-100 provides a complete solution for in vivo imaging. It is capable of imaging neurons and synapses in the brain of free-moving animals with the resolution of a benchtop two-photon microscope, providing neuroscientists with a revolutionary new tool and opening up a new paradigm of neuroscience research.
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  • Applications
  • Applications
  • Small: Wearable microscope

    • 2.6 g miniature headpiece, easy for animals to wear 
    • All-in-one design and compact system  

    Superior: Excellent imaging performance

    • Imaging single dendritic spine at 0.65 μm resolution 
    • Recording over 1,000 neurons simultaneously at 1 mm×0.87 mm FOV 
    • Accessing all layers of mouse cortex as deep as 800 μm  

    Smart: Flexible and user-friendly

    • Compatible with femtosecond lasers from various manufacturers  
    • Compatible with EEG, EMG and DBS 
    • Standardized procedure to locate FOV and mount the headpiece 
  • Applications

    Free-moving animal imaging

  • Applications

    Free-moving animal imaging

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