The SUPERN0VA-600, our latest flagship product, offers flexible and diverse combination configurations. It allows for the real-time synchronization of microscopic neuronal and synaptic activity with the overall information processing of the brain and individual behaviors, providing a panoramic analysis of connectomes and functional dynamic maps. This technology ensures more efficient, stable, and continuous output of high-quality data, offering researchers an ideal comprehensive imaging solution.
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  • Applications
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    High-quality Data

    • Multiple lasers: 780, 920, 1030 nm
    • High resolution and large FOV
    • Synchronization with animal behaviors in high temporal resolution

    Integrated and Efficient

    • Multi-color imaging
    • Dual-headpiece dual-color imaging
    • Compatible with optogenetics
    • Full workflow streamlined for multi-modal imaging

    Stable and Scalable

    • Modular functional design, allowing for easy expansion and upgrades
    • Stable performance under high load operation
    • Remote diagnosis and service available



  • Applications

    Free moving imaging

  • Applications

    Two-photon imaging combined with optogenetics stimulation

    Multiplexed imaging fiber bundles enable simultaneous two-photon imaging and optogenetic stimulation in freely moving mice.

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