The Miniature Three-Photon Microscope SUPERNOVA-3000 is equipped with a miniature three-photon headpiece featuring a novel optical configuration design. This effectively increases the efficiency of scattered fluorescence collection, reaches the limit of benchtop three-photon imaging depth, and offers fast scanning speed with clear imaging.
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  • Applications
  • Applications
  • Go Deeper

    • Long-wavelength femtosecond laser enables calcium imaging at a depth up to 1.2 mm
    • See through the entire cerebral cortex and corpus callosum, reaching the hippocampus of mice brain

    More Freedom 

    • 2.2 g miniature headpiece, easily mounted on small animals
    • Unique novel optical design, integrated with cutting-edge technologies such as flexible light-shielding optical fibers, hollow-core optical fiber, and MEMS
    • ETL-enabled three-dimensional imaging

    Less Damage

    • Deep brain imaging only requires cranial window surgery, avoiding damage to brain tissue caused by implanted GRIN lenses
    • Longer wavelength of excitation light, lower phototoxicity
    • The configuration improves the collection of scattered fluorescence, allowing for deep brain  imaging using a safe level of laser power 



  • Applications

    3D reconstruction of mouse brain tissues

    3D reconstruction imaging of blood vessels from the mouse cortex to the hippocampus region

    Green: FITC-Dextran dye
    Imaging depth: 0~1428 μm
    Excitation wavelength: 1320 nm
    Head-fixed imaging of awake mice 

    3D reconstruction imaging of neurons from the mouse posterior parietal cortex to the hippocampal CA1 subregion

    Green: AAV-hSyn-GCaMP6s
    Magenta: Third harmonic signal
    imaging depth: 0~1236 μm
    Excitation wavelength: 1320 nm
    Head-fixed imaging of awake mice 

    3D reconstruction imaging of neurons from the posteriorparietal cortex to the CA1 area of the hippocampus in mice

    Green: Thy1-YFPH
    Imaging depth: 0~1038 μm
    Excitation wavelength: 1320 nm
    Head-fixed imaging of awake mice

    3D reconstruction of mouse cerebral cortex to postsubiculum

    Green: AAV-hSyn-GCaMP6f
    Imaging depth: 0~1000 μm
    Excitation wavelength: 1320 nm
    Head fixed imaging of awake mice 


  • Applications

    Imaging in Free-moving Animals

    Calcium imaging (imaging depth 650 μm) of neuronal activities in mouse posterior parietal cortex L6 (PPCL6) under behavioral experiments 

    The miniaturized three-photon microscope can be used with different behavioral experiments in deep brain areas to perform stable high spatial and temporal resolution imaging at the single cell level, meeting the needs of real-time monitoring of individual nerves, such as neuronal activity, structural changes, and classification of neurons with different functions.

    Calcium imaging (imaging depth 1200 μm) of neuronal activities in hippocampal CA1 subregion The activity of the dorsal hippocampus CA1 (depth up to 1.2 mm) was imaged through non-invasive surgery under safe laser power, and the calcium activity trace of neurons was monitored and synchronized with the mouse behavioral record.


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