Tailored according to the body shape of mice, it can stably fix awake mice, alleviate the interference of breathing or body shaking on experimental results during in vivo experiments, and relieve the difficulty of using anesthesia reagents to conduct mouse experiments. By combining techniques such as two-photon or confocal microscopy, photogenetics, and patch clamp, it can be used for in vivo experimental studies such as imaging or electrophysiology in conscious mice.


Product parameters

Suitable for experimental mice weighing below 40g
Fixed column height: 24 mm
Circular body fixed column diameter: 27 mm
 Size: 150 x 90 x 35 mm
Net weight:~0.24 Kg
Can provide special customized services




Product advantages

 Can be pasted on the head of mice, combined with a clear mouse fixation frame, for imaging and other experimental research in clear mice in vivo. Lightweight, sturdy, and durable, the external dimensions of the head piece can be customized according to user experimental needs.
Center circular window diameter: 7 mm
Size: 27 x 14.5 x 0.6 mm
Net weight:~0.13 g
Material: Titanium alloy, with good biocompatibility