The mouse fixed head piece is made of titanium alloy material and has good comprehensive mechanical properties. It is divided into two types: triangular mouse fixed head piece and linear head piece. The triangular mouse fixed head piece is 0.6mm thick, 27mm long, and 14mm wide, while the straight head piece is 0.6mm thick, 28mm long, and 12mm wide; Using dental cement to fix the mouse head, when experimental operations are needed, the mouse fixed head piece can be connected to the mouse frame for fixation, which can effectively limit the movement of the mouse head and provide sufficient conditions for the smooth progress of the experiment.

Product application
Suitable for various animal experiments and can be adapted to the heads of various small experimental animals. After being used in conjunction with a mouse frame, it can be connected and fixed with a miniature two-photon microscope base device.

Product advantages
Good fatigue resistance: This fixed head piece is made of titanium alloy material, which has better fatigue resistance and can firmly fix the mouse head
Good biocompatibility: With excellent biocompatibility and suitability for implants, it is a very promising implant material
Lightweight: weighing only 0.37g, minimizing the burden on mice to the greatest extent possible
Customization: Multiple sizes can be customized, suitable for various experimental animals