The TVS-MOBJ series micro objective, as the core optical component of micro optical imaging systems, has small size, light weight, and high performance and resolution over a wide spectral range. TVS-MOBJ series miniature objective lens weighs only 0.46 g and has a diameter of only 3.5 mm. It belongs to a limited far conjugate objective lens. The imaging medium can be water or hydrogel. The maximum numerical aperture (NA) of the object square can reach 0.7, the magnification is 3 X, the working distance is 1 mm, and it has a cover glass compensation feature. This series of miniature imaging objective lenses can be used in conjunction with scanning mirrors and scanning devices (MEMS or Galvo) to achieve high-resolution scanning imaging of object samples.

Product application
Miniature two-photon microscope, two-photon microscope
Confocal microscope, wide field fluorescence microscope
Raman microscope

Product advantages
Small size and light weight: weighing only 0.46 g, with a diameter of only 3.5 mm
High resolution: Horizontal resolution less than 1 μ M
Customization: Micro objective lenses with other parameters can be customized according to user needs