The TVS-PMT550 series photomultiplier tube module is mainly used for detecting weak light signals. In order to generate higher internal gain, the primary photoelectrons generated by the PMT photocathode are accelerated by a high-voltage potential difference of thousands of volts, hitting the doubling electrode to generate secondary electrons. Finally, the photoelectrons are collected at the anode to form a photocurrent. The TVS-PMT550 series photomultiplier tube module is equipped with a high-voltage module, eliminating the need for additional high-voltage power supply. At the same time, in order to detect extremely weak light signals, GaAsP photomultiplier tubes were used. Compared to alkali metal photocathode surfaces, GaAsP has higher quantum efficiency, further enhancing detection sensitivity.
This series of photomultiplier tube modules are also equipped with a high bandwidth transimpedance amplifier, which directly converts photocurrent into voltage signals. The cross resistance amplifier has high gain, high bandwidth, and low noise output. It can directly output voltage through an SMA RF connector and can be connected to the TVS-MMC series two-photon imaging controller, or integrated into existing two-photon imaging systems for application.

Product application
Multiphoton imaging system
Confocal imaging system, Raman imaging system

Product advantages
High sensitivity: Based on GaAsP detectors, the quantum efficiency reaches over 40%
Built in high-performance transimpedance amplifier: integrated with high bandwidth, high gain, and low noise transimpedance amplification
Strong scalability: With adapters, it is easy to expand to multi-channel detection
Convenient to use: high integration, eliminating high-voltage modules and complex wiring

Technical parameter

Wavelength range300~720 nm
Peak wavelength580 nm
Cathode sensitivity176 mA/W at 550 nm
quantum efficiency39% at 550 nm (Typical)
Gain (maximum)0~1 V(最大) 0.5 V~0.8 V(推荐)
control voltageφ 5 mm
Size of photocathode surfaceGaAsP
Material of photocathode electrode surface6000 s-1 (at 25 °C, Typical) 18000 s-1 (at 25 °C, Maximum)
Hidden counting1.00 ns
rise time 30000 V/A
Cross resistance gain60 MHz
Cross impedance bandwidth5.8 pA / √Hz (Total Input Noise at DC to 60 MHz Bandwidth)
output voltage 6.5 pA / √Hz (Input Current Noise at 1 MHz, Cin = 4 pF)
Output bias±1 V(50 Ω)
Output interfaceSMA,50 Ω