A laser beam coupler is a device that combines two laser beams of different wavelengths into one beam, and can also couple the combined laser beams into optical fibers. The laser beam coupler combines the input laser beam through high reflectivity mirrors, high-quality dichroic mirrors, and corresponding precision adjustment devices, and can also be connected to optical fibers for efficient coupling. The TVS-JX-LC series laser beam coupler has a wide wavelength input range (740-1100 nm), and each laser beam can be independently modulated with a power modulation frequency of up to 10 kHz. It also has physical shutter protection and can be remotely synchronized to control the switch. By using broadband optical fibers, dual wavelength laser coupling can be achieved, and it can be widely used for beam combining, coupling, and modulation of continuous laser and femtosecond laser.

Product application
Laser beam merging, transformation, shaping, and modulation
Laser system construction, laser processing, biological imaging systems, and quantum physics

Product advantages
Convenient adjustment: Precise design and processing, quick adjustment after module installation
Integration: It integrates multiple functions such as beam combining, light intensity modulation, and fiber coupling, with a small size that can quickly adapt to user systems
Adaptability: Can adapt to various applications such as 740-1100 nm continuous laser and femtosecond laser