The TVS-BSM series behavioral synchronization module is mainly used for synchronizing two-photon fluorescence signals with behavioral cameras or other behavioral devices. This module is based on a 32-bit ARM core MCU and includes multiple TTL trigger signal input ports. When any input port is detected to have a signal jump, the processor will immediately label and count it, and then upload it to the computer through the serial port to complete the synchronization recording of multiple signals. By integrating into high-dimensional two-photon imaging software or separate behavioral synchronization software, the occurrence of events can be observed in real time, which is very suitable for synchronous registration of miniature two-photon fluorescence images in vivo with behavioral actions or other stimulus signals. It can also be extended to other similar application scenarios that require synchronous registration.

Product application
Micro sized two-photon and micro sized single photon
Fiber optic recording, electrode recording

Product advantages
High synchronization accuracy: timestamp synchronization accuracy can reach 1 ms
Multi channel synchronous acquisition: can achieve simultaneous acquisition of 8 channels
Easy to operate: USB powered directly without the need for additional power supply
Strong scalability: It can be integrated into the imaging system using ultra dimensional two-photon imaging software, or used independently through separate software
Customization: Sampling modules with different adoption rates and channel numbers can be customized according to user needs

Technical parameter

parameternumerical value
Power supply and communicationUSB
Input quantity8 channels
Input level range3.3 V, compatible with 5 V TTL input
Input interfaceSMA(50 Ω)
Input frequency range1 kHz and below
Clock accuracy1 ms
External dimensions (mm)125x70x30