The TVS-SMM series MEMS two-dimensional scanning galvanometer is a vector scanning device based on electrostatic force, with four electrostatic bidirectional rotators connected by a special silicon bracket. The steady-state simulation angle generated by the MEMS mirror when a steady-state simulated high-voltage driving signal is given, and it is highly reproducible. Meanwhile, it can also operate in resonant mode, allowing the device to achieve a larger scanning angle at lower operating voltages. Therefore, by changing the form of the driving signal, three scanning modes can be easily obtained, namely point-to-point scanning mode (biaxial quasi-static), grid scanning mode (fast axis near resonance, slow axis quasi-static), and Lissajous scanning mode (biaxial near resonance). This MEMS scanning mirror has the characteristics of small volume, large scanning angle, dual axis compatibility with quasi-static and resonant control, and extremely low power consumption. It has great application space in fields such as biological imaging, LiDAR, and head up display.

Product application
Lidar, laser measurement, head up display, projection
Two photon imaging, confocal imaging, optical imaging
Product advantages

Small size and light weight: The integrated model is based on LCC20 packaging, with high integration degree
Rich control forms: both axes can be switched to static or resonant control, supporting three scanning modes
Balancing speed and scanning angle: Multiple models are available to meet both scanning frequency and scanning angle requirements
Low power consumption: Based on electrostatic force driving, the power consumption can be basically ignored
Customization: The output interface can be customized