The mouse weight-bearing trainer is processed by CNC, with a weight range of 2.5g-5g, which can be perfectly adapted to the miniature two-photon microscope base. It can also be used as other head mounted equipment training devices for mice, such as fiber optic recording, electrode recording, and miniature single photon microscopy. Fix the mouse head with adhesive head wire, miniature microscope base, mouse fixed head piece, etc. to adapt the weight of the miniature microscope in advance and reduce the impact of head worn equipment on mouse behavior.

Product application
Simulated weight-bearing training, in which mice formally wear miniature two-photon microscopes or other head mounted devices to record pre behavior weight-bearing simulation training.

Product advantages
Wide adaptability: can be used with various head mounted devices
Reusable: Made of 304 stainless steel material, can be reused for a long time
Customization: According to user needs, weight, size, and appearance can be customized to match the center of gravity of relevant equipment