The base plate of the miniaturized microscope is made of CNC, and according to imaging requirements, the TVS-ACCY-AB series two-component high-strength structural adhesive is used to bond the appropriate height base to the mouse fixed head piece; Then connect it to a miniature two-photon microscope through a glue head wire. It has the advantages of achieving mechanical stability, repeatedly disassembling and assembling miniature microscope probes, and not causing excessive changes in the imaging field of view.
Product application
When used in conjunction with a miniaturized two-photon microscope, stable imaging of neural regions at different depths can be achieved through a base II at different heights.
Product advantages
Not easily damaged: Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, it is fatigue resistant, not easily damaged, reusable, easy to store and clean
High precision positioning: perfectly matched with fixed miniaturized probe imaging, stable imaging with multiple top wire positioning