The commonly used objective lens of two-photon confocal microscope is water lens. Hydrogel has the characteristics of high viscosity and non-volatile, which can replace water as the imaging medium of the objective lens for long-term or special conditions. The hydrogel has good biocompatibility and can also be used to keep the animal eyes moist during surgery.
Product application
Two photon microscope, miniaturized two photon microscope, confocal microscope, Raman microscope
Product advantages
The refractive index is basically the same as that of water, and it can be matched with various models of objective lenses and microscopes
High viscosity, easy to shape, colorless and odorless, easy to store and soluble in water, easy to clean
Not easily volatile, very suitable for imaging observation of long-term free behavior on small animal tissues using miniaturized two-photon microscopy
Canned with a pointed mouth design, easy to fill between the objective lens and sample