Rubber head wire is a necessary accessory for connecting miniature two-photon microscopes, mouse weight training devices, and miniature two-photon microscope bases. Rubber head wire can effectively protect the microscope when repeatedly disassembling and assembling miniature microscope probes, and will not cause damage to the microscope due to excessive operation. By adjusting the three adhesive heads together, the fine tuning probe can find the field of view on the same focal plane.
Product application
Microscopic imaging: Used in conjunction with miniaturized microscopes to ensure that they are perfectly fixed on the base.
Product advantages
Small size: M2 thread, which is the smallest pitch rubber head thread on the market
Lightweight: Only 0.027 g to minimize the load on mice
Anti damage: While effectively fixing the miniaturized two-photon microscope, it protects the microscope body from damage caused by the pressure impact of stainless steel material