The bandpass filter can pass through light in the desired wavelength range and cut off light in other wavelength ranges. The TVS-BPF series high-quality bandpass filter is coated with multiple layers of film on a glass substrate, which has the characteristics of high transmittance in the passband range and high cutoff in the stopband range, and has a good surface profile.

Product application
Applied to single photon, two-photon, multiphoton biofluorescence imaging, Raman imaging, super-resolution imaging
Spectral imaging, PCR
Machine vision and fingerprint recognition
Fiber optic communication
Biomedical beauty and digital imaging

Product advantages
High transmittance and cutoff rate: transmittance greater than 95%, cutoff rate greater than OD6
High steepness: within 5 nm in the transition zone of 10%~90%
High profile: better than 1/4 λ
Can withstand high laser power and high operating temperature
The infrared cutoff width band is deeper, reaching up to 1900 nm or even mid infrared
Customization: Bandpass filters with different wavelength ranges can be customized according to user needs

Product performance