The TVS-HCF-700 series anti resonant hollow core fiber is characterized by a large core diameter and a large-sized cladding. The fiber cladding is composed of a single loop capillary tube with ultra-thin wall thickness, covering a spectral range of 700-1000 nm. It has the characteristics of quasi single-mode transmission, low loss, low nonlinearity, low dispersion, and high laser damage threshold.

Product application
Femtosecond laser, laser processing, communication field, biomedical imaging

Product advantages
Wide spectral range: 700-1000 nm
Low dispersion: 1 ± 0.5 ps/nm/km @ 800 nm
Quasi single-mode transmission, low loss, low nonlinearity, high laser damage threshold
Customized: anti resonance optical fibers with different transmission wavelengths and core diameters can be customized according to user needs


Anti resonant fiber

Product performance


Wavelength corresponding attenuation map



Output Spot Diagram