The TVS-ACCY-TC series cable experiments can be conducted using a social behavior box, which is usually used for social interaction behavior testing experiments, such as evaluating autism behavior in mice. The design of the animal communication experimental system is to determine the social ability of mice by measuring their social time when they approach other mice in the test chamber after they become familiar with the environment. The TVS-ACCY-TC series with cables can be used as a social behavior box for experiments. By improving the traditional social behavior box, it is well adapted to various behavioral experiments with cables, such as miniaturized two-photon imaging experiments, fiber optic recording experiments, electrode recording experiments, etc. When conducting behavioral experiments on mice, it is not affected by the interference of cables. It can also be used in conjunction with the TVS-ACCY-PS series pulley block and TVS-ACCY-TLX weight loss high transparency elastic line to achieve the best experimental effect.
Product application
Mouse behavior, miniaturized two-photon imaging, miniaturized single photon imaging, fiber optic recording, electrode recording
Product advantages
Open design: very suitable for experimental applications with cables for small animals such as miniaturized two-photon, fiber optic recording, and EEG recording
Replaceable bottom plate design: It can easily change the color of the bottom plate, suitable for mouse applications with different colored hair
Customization: Social behavior boxes of different sizes and functions can be customized according to user needs