Galileo type laser beam expander can amplify and reduce the size of the incident laser beam to match the requirements of the next level of light spot. This series includes applications in ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared wavelengths. The fixed magnification sliding lens beam expander is made of ultraviolet fused silica, which can be plated with a broadband antireflection film for 204 to 360 nm or a narrowband antireflection film for 266 nm, 355 nm, 532 nm and 1064 nm. The visible and near-infrared fixed magnification rotating lens beam expander is coated with anti reflective films ranging from 400 to 650 nm, 650 to 1050 nm, and 1050 to 1620 nm. The magnification of the beam expander can be selected from 2 to 8 times, and the damage threshold of the processed anti reflective film is high, making it suitable for high-efficiency continuous laser and pulse laser. In addition, the beam expander also has a large input and output aperture, suitable for various optical systems.

Product application
Laser transformation and shaping
Laser system construction, laser processing, biological imaging systems, and quantum physics

Product advantages
Multiple wavelengths and multiples available: applications of multiple wavelengths such as ultraviolet, visible, and infrared, and selection of expansion and contraction multiples
Easy to adapt: Universal SM0.5, SM1, and SM1.5 threaded interfaces make it easy to use and adapt to various systems