Product Description
The TVS-MPP series multi-mode pump protection filter WDM MPP is a product form derived from membrane type WDM. The fiber optic uses Nufern105/125 multi-mode fiber as the input and output terminals, which can achieve the function of isolating gain light and protecting multi-mode pumps in the amplification optical path. It has the characteristics of small size, high power tolerance, low loss, and high stability.


Cover diagram

Product application
Fiber laser, fiber sensor, fiber amplifier
Communication field
Research applications

Technical parameter
Small size, high power tolerance, and low loss
High stability
Customization: Customizable multi-mode pump protectors with different parameters

technical parameter

Parameters Unit Values
Transmission wavelengthnm960~990
Reflection wavelengthnm1020~1080
Transmission Insertion LossdB≤0.6
Reflection Insertion Loss dB≤0.5
Transmission l IsolationdB≥25
Reflection IsolationdB≥12
Channel FlatnessdB≤0.3
PDL dB0.1
Return LossdB≥50
Power handling CWW≤12
Fiber Type-MM-105/125 
Operating temperature0 ~ +65
Storage temperature-40 ~ +85

Ordering Information 

Pass WavelengthReflect WavelengthFiber type1 & 2 Fiber lengthFiber jacketConnector on Port 1& 2 
98980989801105/12511 mBBare fiber1FC/UPC
301030301030SSSpecifySSpecifyL900um Loose tube2FC/APC