Product Description
The TVS-TPO series (2+1) X1 combiner (2+1) X1 Pump+Signal Combiner) is used to combine two multimode pump lasers and one single-mode signal light into a double clad fiber, achieving the goal of signal light being amplified by the pump light. It has the characteristics of high power resistance, high signal transmission efficiency, high pump coupling efficiency, wavelength insensitivity, and high stability and reliability in biaxial operation. It is mainly used in polarization maintaining fiber lasers, polarization maintaining amplifiers, polarization maintaining sensing systems, and scientific research applications.


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Product application
Polarization maintaining fiber laser, polarization maintaining amplifier, and polarization maintaining sensing system
Communication field
Research application field

Technical parameter
High power resistance and high signal transmission efficiency
High pump coupling efficiency and wavelength insensitivity
High reliability dual axis operation
Customization: pump combiners with different parameters can be customized

technical parameter

Operating Wavelength1000 nm -1100 nm or 1500nm~1600nm Pump FiberNufern 105/125 0.22NA 
Input FiberSee ordering informationPump Efficiency≥93%
Output FiberSee ordering information Power per port50W
 Signal Insertion Loss0.5dB~0.7dB封 Package Dimension70×13×8mm

Ordering Information 

Signal Operating WL(nm)Pump FiberSignal Fiber 注1Output Fiber注2
10001000-11000.22Nufern 105/125 0.22 NA 110/130 GDF 0.14/0.46110/130 GDF 0.14/0.46 
15001500-16000.15Nufern 105/125 0.15 NA 2HI 106021060 GDF 0.14/0.46 Nufern