Product Description
Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter (PBC/PBS), the input of PBC is two polarization maintaining fibers, which can combine two linearly polarized light beams into a single-mode fiber at the output end, thereby achieving the function of pumping and combining beams, providing pump power to compensate for the low pump power. At the same time, this device can also be used in reverse, splitting a non polarized light beam into two linearly polarized light beams with perpendicular polarization directions. The product has the characteristics of low insertion loss, small size, high extinction ratio, high stability and high reliability, and can be used in fiber lasers, fiber sensors, fiber amplifiers, scientific research and testing equipment.


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Product application
Fiber laser, fiber sensor, fiber amplifier
Research applications
Communication field

Technical parameter
Small size, low insertion loss, high extinction ratio
High stability and reliability
Customization: Customizable polarization combiner/splitter with different parameters

technical parameter

Parameters Unit  Values
Center Wavelength nm980/1060
Operating Wavelength Rangenm±10
 Typ. Insertion lossdB0.75
 Max. Insertion lossdB0.9
 Min. Return Loss dB50
Min. Extinction Ratio dB20
Min. DirectivitydB50
 Optical Power (CW)mW2000
Max. Tensile Load N5
Fiber Type- PM 980 Panda Fiber on Port 1 & 2
HI 1060 or PM 980 Panda Fiber for Port 3
 Operating Temperature -5 to +70
 Storage Temperature -40 to +85
 Package Dimensionsmmφ5.5×L35

                            After adding the connector, the insertion loss increases by 0.3dB, the extinction ratio decreases by 2dB, and the slow axis of the connector is aligned.

Ordering Information 



Fiber type1 2 & 3

Fiber length

Fiber jacket

Connector on Port 1 2 & 3
9809801PM9800.80.8mBBare fiber1FC/UPC
106010602Hi 1060SSpecifyL900um Loose tube2FC/APC