Product Description
A wavelength division multiplexer is a micro optical device used for wavelength management based on the principle of thin film filtering, and a polarization maintaining filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer, PMWDM), Mainly used for combining and splitting pump laser and signal laser in the production process of fiber lasers, it has the characteristics of low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, high power resistance, and high customization.


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Product application
Fiber laser, fiber sensor, fiber amplifier
Research applications, communication and other fields


Technical parameter
Low insertion loss and high extinction ratio
High withstand power
Customization: Customizable polarization maintaining wavelength division multiplexers with different parameters

technical parameter

 ParametersUnit Values  

Pass Band
  Wavelength Range nm980/1030
960~990 (1020~1080)
960~990 (1500-1600)
 Max. Insertion Loss dB0.70.7
Typ. Insertion LossdB0.50.5
 Min. Isolation dB2525
 Typ. Isolation dB3030

Reflection Band 
 Wavelength Range nm1020~1080(960~990)1500-1600 (960~990)
 Max. Insertion Loss dB0.50.5
 Typ. Insertion Loss dB0.30.3
 Min. Isolation dB1212
Typ. Isolation dB1515
 Min. Return Loss dB50
  Min. Extinction Ratio dB20
 Min. Directivity (over Reflection Band)dB55
Max. Optical Power (CW)mW300/Customer customization
Max. Tensile Load N5
Fiber Type-PM 980 Panda Fiber or PM 1550
Operating Temperature  -5 to +70
Storage Temperature -40 to +85



WavelengthFiber type on port 1 2 &3Fiber lengthFiber jacketConnector on Port 12 & 3 
9830980/10301PM9800.80.8mBBare fiber1FC/UPC
9850980/15502PM1550SSpecifyL900um Loose tube2FC/APC