Transcend Vivoscope's Miniature Two-Photon Imaging Solution debuts at SNU College of Medicine




South Korea, March, 2023 — From March 18th to March 23rd, the Transcend Vivoscope team successfully installed and commissioned the SUPERNOVA-100 (SN-100), an integrated miniature two-photon microscopy imaging system, at Seoul National University College of Medicine (SNU College of Medicine). This marked the debut of Transcend Vivoscope's miniature two-photon imaging technology in South Korean academia. Concurrently, our team hosted a series of product promotional events, showcasing our cutting-edge miniaturized two-photon imaging products and comprehensive solutions.

After two days of installation and calibration, the SN-100 was officially commissioned in the laboratories of SNU College of Medicine. The device performed excellently and received high praise and recognition from all users.

With strong support from SNU College of Medicine, our team held a product launch event, attended by prominent professors such as Se-young Choi, Hyung Jin Choi, and postdoctoral researcher Younghee Lee, who learned in detail about Transcend Vivoscope’s overall capabilities, miniaturized two-photon imaging systems, and technical solutions.

Transcend Vivoscope’s miniaturized two-photon products and technology were well-received by multiple research teams, attracting six groups of visitors. The event featured hands-on training sessions in animal surgery and equipment operation, inviting attendees to experience the technology firsthand. These sessions not only enriched the visitors' understanding of our offerings but also enhanced their confidence in the operational capabilities and performance of our products.

The official introduction of Transcend Vivoscope’s miniature two-photon microscopy imaging technology into a top-tier South Korean institution like SNU College of Medicine signifies international recognition of our technology and expansion of the company’s global reach. The collaboration with SNU College of Medicine, involving renowned professors and researchers, lays a foundation for broader and deeper future cooperation in scientific projects and technological development. Face-to-face technical exchanges and equipment demonstrations deepened international peers' understanding and trust, creating a robust platform and opportunities for future international scientific cooperation, technological exchanges, and addressing global scientific challenges. This initiative is pivotal in advancing global basic science and neuroscience research.