Esteemed Korean Professors Explored Innovations at Transcend Vivoscope




Date: August 4th, 2023

Location: Beijing Headquarters of Transcend Vivoscope 

In a significant event for cross-border scientific collaboration, Prof. Suh from the Department of Biological Sciences at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Prof. Kim from the Center for Life Sciences at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), embarked on an enlightening visit to the Beijing Headquarters of Transcend Vivoscope. The visit was facilitated through the joint invitation of Prof. Choi from the School of Medicine at Seoul National University and Transcend Vivoscope, which allowed for a comprehensive and in-depth exchange of ideas regarding miniature multiphoton microscopic technologies, solutions, applications and international cooperation in the field of neuroscience.

During their visit, the distinguished Korean guests were treated to a guided tour of Transcend Vivoscope's exhibition hall. They gained firsthand insights into the extensive neural scientific applications of the company's proprietary products and technologies in the fields of miniature two-photon medical imaging and super-resolution ultrasound.

In the Beijing R&D center of Transcend Vivoscope, Dr. Runlong Wu, the director of the Product Management Dept., delivered a captivating live demonstration of real-time imaging of neural activities for a freely behaving mouse, which provided a comprehensive insight into the system features and applications of the Supernova serial miniature multiphoton microscopes.

Photo: Dr. Runlong Wu, Dr. Dan Li and Dr. Hui Li accompanied with esteemed Korean professors and made comprehensive technical explanations. Prof. Suh expressed a keen interest in future collaborative prospects related to this revolutionary technology.

Prof. Suh commended Transcend Vivoscope's pioneering endeavors in applying miniature multiphoton microscopic imaging technology for the brain science research. He conveyed his readiness to advocate for this innovative method among his peers in South Korea, expressing a sincere desire to foster enhanced ties and collaboration with Transcend Vivoscope.

This visit bore immense significance in driving cooperation and innovation in the neuroscience field between China and South Korea. It’ll further intensify the collaboration within the frontiers of life science and neurology, and positively further the development of global life technology. Transcend Vivoscope remains committed to exploring new technological horizons with domestic and overseas scientific research institutions, surmounting technological barriers, and elevating solutions for neuroscientific challenges. Our mission is to “Advance Biotechnologies for Better Lives”.


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