The miniaturized two-photon wide field adapter is a module that assists in the field search of miniaturized two-photons. It can be well matched to most wide field fluorescence microscopes, desktop two-photon microscopes, and confocal microscopes. By using customized long working distance and large field of view objective lenses, the most suitable imaging position is pre searched, and then switched to a miniature two-photon microscope for imaging, maximizing the reduction of sample search time and quickly locating to the optimal experimental imaging area. At the same time, the XY precision adjustment mechanism on the adapter can ensure complete overlap between the wide field field of view and the miniaturized two-photon field of view, which is one of the essential accessories in miniaturized two-photon imaging applications.
Product application
Miniature two-photon microscopy imaging
Product advantages
Convenient adjustment: The optical axis position can be easily adjusted and the fixture can be quickly replaced to adapt to various models of miniature two-photon microscopes
Wide field of view: With a 3mm wide imaging field, it can help users quickly locate the area of greatest interest
Wide field working distance and long working distance: The long working distance of 70 mm makes it very convenient for miniaturized two-photon to perform various operations
Anti impact: The miniaturized two-photon microscope is installed on the anti-collision fixture, and the objective will automatically retract when it touches the sample to maximize the protection of the sample and equipment