In a two-photon microscope system, the tube mirror is an optical lens group placed between the scanning mirror and the infinite conjugate distance microscope objective. Its function is to work in conjunction with the infinite conjugate distance microscope objective to reduce the laser generated by the scanning mirror at the middle image plane to a certain number of times on the target area to be observed, achieving energy concentration and effectively exciting fluorescence. The TVS-TLE series tube has a mirror image quality close to the diffraction limit, a wide working wavelength range, and a high laser damage threshold. It is very convenient to integrate with lenses such as Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, Sanfeng, Sorebo, etc. It is an ideal lens for applications in two-photon, three photon, confocal, and Raman microscopes.

Product application
Desktop two-photon microscope, confocal microscope, fluorescence microscope, wide field microscope

Product advantages
Complex achromatic design, image quality approaching diffraction limit
A telecentric sleeve lens suitable for laser scanning and wide field imaging
Convenient integration into self built microscope systems
The anti reflective film has high transmittance in the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared bands
Customization: Different parameters of tube mirrors can be customized according to user needs