1030nm femtosecond fiber laser


Product Description
The 1030nm fiber femtosecond laser adopts polarization maintaining nonlinear fiber loop mode locking technology, and outputs high and stable linear femtosecond laser through high doped Yb polarization maintaining fiber amplifier. The beam quality is stably transmitted in space, providing customers with a stable working light source system. One click operation of the entire machine, without the need for later maintenance, ensures long-term stable operation, and is an ideal light source for life sciences, material processing, and microscopic measurement.


Technical parameter

Parameter技术指标 Specification
Centre wavelength1030 ± 5 nm
Output power1 W
Pulse width< 150 (Typical <120) fs
Repetition rate84 MHz
 linear polarization4.167361111
diameter(1/e2)<Φ 2.0 mm
Quality of optical spot M2< 1.2
beam divergence100:1 (horizontal or vertical)
Optical interfaceFree space
Temperature and humidityOperating19-25Storage and transport0-40
Environment temperature and humidityNon condensing
 Laser head size475*336*100 mm
 Power supplyAC power supply


Dimensional diagram

Structural schematic diagram
The 1030nm femtosecond fiber laser adopts polarization maintaining fiber mode locking technology, using a large mode field area polarization maintaining double clad fiber as the gain medium, and using chirped pulse amplification technology to build a fully polarization maintaining fiber femtosecond laser amplification system. It has high stability and low phase noise characteristics, a single mode locking state, smooth spectrum, and pulses can be compressed to the Fourier transform limit. It is a laser with excellent performance and indicators.

Principle and structure diagram of 1030nm femtosecond fiber laser


application area 
The 1030 nm femtosecond laser system has stable performance, simple operation, and can ensure long-term stable imaging experiments. This wavelength can be used to excite red fluorescent proteins and is universal for various types of red fluorescent probes (including mcherry JRgeco, tdtomato, etc. have a good stimulating expression effect on indicators and have many applications in the field of fluorescence imaging. For example:

Two photon imaging
Nonlinear fiber optic microscope
Optical computed tomography imaging
 SHG imaging
Semiconductor measurement technology
Material processing


The following are the application imaging effects of 1030nm excitation expression:
Pollen samples (with a wide range of fluorescence spectra)

    780/1030nm simultaneously excites 920/1030nm simultaneously excites fluorescence


Mouse back skin hair follicle structure (marked with both GFP and RFP simultaneously)

920nm two-photon excitation fluorescence 1030nm two-photon excitation fluorescence


Mouse eyeball structure (soaked in Rhodamine dye solution for staining, 1030nm two-photon excitation)


1030nm femtosecond fiber laser seed source


Product Description
Using phase biased nonlinear polarization maintaining loop mode-locked technology (NALM) to produce fiber lasers, it has the characteristics of good repeatability, good polarization degree, and high long-term stability. As a seed source for amplifiers, it can be maintenance free, easy to install, operate with one click, and work continuously at 27/7 hours.