The laser automatic alignment system greatly improves pointing accuracy and system stability by real-time monitoring and automatic feedback control of laser beam position and pointing deviation caused by vibration, thermal drift, etc.


Product features

Suitable for various complex optical systems
High precision, high stability, and high efficiency
Comprehensive tracking and monitoring of location and direction
Reliable, user-friendly, and user-friendly software and hardware systems
Single camera, high cost-effectiveness


Product application

High power, ultra short pulse laser device
laser processing 
Satellite laser communication
Laser weapon aiming
Multi beam coaxial coupling
Long optical path, stable multi platform optical path


Technical parameter

laser beamnumerical value
wavelength355 nm - 1200 nm
Beam apertureØ1 mm - Ø400 mm
Detection power~ mw
Detecting energy~ mJ
frequencyRepetitive frequency or continuous


collimation system numerical value
Adjustment range± 3°
Direction adjustment accuracy1 μrad
Position adjustment accuracy0.1%/beam aperture
refresh frequency4 Hz
response time10 s


hardware configurationRemarks
cameraUSB or Ethernet port
Electric reflectorPiezoelectric ceramic or stepper
Drive power supplyUSB or Ethernet port
computerUSB or Ethernet port
64 bit or 32-bit Windows systems
Display resolution1920×1080