Due to the high requirements for system stability in most optical experiments or industrial production, and the instability and inaccuracy of instrument measurement results caused by various factors, it seriously interferes with production and experimental progress. The TVS-JX-ZN series self balancing (air floating) optical platform and solid damping isolation optical platform can effectively reduce the interference of external vibration on experiments and improve the accuracy of experimental results.

Product application
Microscope, Medical Biology
Optical path testing and optical measurement
Laser scanning and laser interference
Spectral experiments and precision detection
Integrated Electronics

Product advantages
Damping structure worktable, which can eliminate surface resonance
Optional tabletop; Manual leveling
Can be equipped with casters for installation
Customization: Optical platforms of different sizes and shapes can be customized according to user needs


Self balancing (air floating) optical platform



Solid damping isolation optical platform