The TVS-AMP series transimpedance amplifier is mainly used to convert weak photocurrent signals output by photomultiplier tubes (PMTs), PIN photodiodes, or other similar devices into voltage signals, while minimizing noise amplification. The amplifier has a large operating bandwidth and can achieve amplification from DC to 60 MHz (3 dB) with low output noise. The amplifier is equipped with an adjustable bias potentiometer, which can adjust the output bias voltage to maximize the dynamic range of the acquisition system or two-photon imaging controller. This amplifier uses SMA frequency connectors for input-output connections and can quickly connect to detectors and collectors. Very suitable for cross impedance amplification of PMT series such as Hamamatsu H7422, H10720, and H10721.
Product application
Photomultiplier tube amplification, multiphoton microscopy, confocal microscopy, PIN photodiode cross resistance amplification
Product advantages
High bandwidth: bandwidth range from DC-60 MHz
High gain: The cross resistance amplification coefficient can reach 30000 V/A
Low noise: The effective value of output noise is within 1mV
Quick adjustment of output bias: The output bias potentiometer can be quickly adjusted to maximize the dynamic range of the acquisition system
Customization: Amplifiers with different parameters can be customized according to user needs

Technical parameter

parameternumerical value
Bandwidth(3dB,Cin=4pF)DC-60 MHz
gain30000 V/A
Linear input range±50 μA
DC input impedance50 Ω
Output noise(RMS)1 mV
Output range-1 V~1 V,偏置可调
source±15 V
Power supply current100 mA


Product performance