Laser couplers are mainly used to efficiently couple space laser into optical fibers, and can quickly modulate the intensity of the laser. The TVS-JX-CM-S series laser coupler adopts a four degree of freedom precision reflector frame for coupling adjustment, which is compatible with wide band laser coupling of 740-1100 nm. The power modulation frequency can reach 10 kHz, and it can achieve 0-100% analog light intensity control. The input port is equipped with physical shutter control, which can remotely synchronize control switches to ensure laser safety. At the same time, the output port is set with two orthogonal directions for output, allowing users to flexibly configure module usage. The TVS-JX-CM series laser coupler can be widely used for efficient coupling and modulation of continuous laser and femtosecond laser.
Product application
Laser transformation, shaping, and modulation
Laser system construction, laser processing, biological imaging systems, and quantum physics
Product advantages
Convenient adjustment: Precise design and processing, quick adjustment after module installation
Integration: It integrates multiple functions such as light intensity modulation and coupling, with a small size that can quickly adapt to user systems
Flexibility: Compatible with multiple inputs, adjustable output orientation
Adaptability: Can adapt to various applications such as 740-1100 nm continuous laser and femtosecond laser