Polarized beam splitter prism is composed of two right angled prisms glued or glued together, with a polarizing beam splitter film coated on the inclined surface. The P-polarized light in the incident light is transmitted, while the S-polarized light is reflected. All the incident and outgoing surfaces of the beam are generally coated with an anti reflective film. After non polarized light passes through PBS, pure P-polarization is emitted along the propagation direction, while S-polarization is reflected on the side. The transmitted P-polarization has a good extinction ratio, which can be adjusted in a wide range depending on the coating. PBS can be used for polarizing, detecting, adjusting light intensity, and other applications.

Product application
Applied to single photon, two-photon, multiphoton biofluorescence imaging, Raman imaging, super-resolution imaging
Spectral imaging, PCR
Fiber optic communication

Product advantages
Has low stress
High extinction ratio and small beam deflection angle
Wide working band
Customization: Polarization splitting prisms with different parameters can be customized according to user needs