The TS-SUTD series shutter driver has a simple shutter operation button, including a power switch and a manual shutter switch. At the same time, the panel has power on indication, shutter status indication, and error alarm, which is very intuitive. At the same time, there is also an SMA connector that receives external TTL signals. Through mode switching, it can trigger the shutter switch through external signals and match various forms of shutter.

Product advantages
Low power consumption: After switching, the holding current is automatically reduced, reducing power consumption and heating
Switching mode optional: configurable manual switch and external trigger development mode
Customization: Different sizes of optical shutter drivers can be customized according to user needs

Technical parameter

numerical value
Input power supply 5 V
Output currentMaximum 1.5 A RMS, adjustable through PWM
External trigger frequencyUp to50 Hz
Switching action duty cycleDefault 30%, 20 ms, can be configured according to actual situation
Maintain duty cycleDefault 20%, can be configured according to actual situation
External trigger input interfaceSMA,TTL,3-5 V
Dimensions(mm)85 x 50 x 24