The TVS-MMC series two-photon imaging controller is a dedicated two-photon imaging controller that integrates high-speed synchronous acquisition, analog input/output, digital input/output, and low noise power supply. It is developed based on high-performance FPGA and ARM microprocessor architecture, and can achieve high-speed acquisition of up to 120MSPS and 16bit; Optimized design for high-speed and high-precision analog output, capable of controlling Galvo mirrors, resonant mirrors MEMS scanning mirrors and other devices achieve two-dimensional array scanning, while supporting the control of commonly used two-photon devices such as photomultiplier tube modules (PMTs), acousto-optic modulators (AOMs), and electro-optic modulators (Pockels cells); In addition, it can achieve high time accuracy and synchronization requirements, making it very suitable for optical shutter PMT switch, line/field synchronization and other requirements; At the same time, it provides power for the AOM module, photomultiplier tube acquisition module, and optical shutter driver provided for ultra dimensional scenes. By cooperating with ultra dimensional two-photon imaging software, the construction process of two-photon systems can be greatly simplified.

Product application
Multi photon imaging system, confocal imaging system, Raman imaging system

Product advantages
High integration: On a single controller, high-speed acquisition, analog input/output, digital input/output, and low-noise power supply are achieved simultaneously
High sampling rate: Integrated dual channel 16bit, 120MSPS high-speed acquisition
Multi channel low noise analog output: 8-channel 16bit analog output
Multi channel digital IO: up to 32 digital input/output interfaces

Technical parameter

High speed analog input2channels
16 bit / 120 MSPS
-1 V-1 V
50 Ω
Low speed analog input4channels
500 kSPS
0~10 V
Analog output8 16 bit analog outputs, including 4 mirror control signals, 2 PMT gains, and AOM modulation control
Digital output32 digital outputs, including frame synchronization signal, row synchronization signal, acquisition synchronization signal, SHUTTER control signal, etc
Scan head configurable waveformFast axis 100-25 kHz, optional sine and triangular waves, -10 V to+10 V; Slow axis automatic generation, sawtooth wave, -10 V~+10 V
Core processorAltera cyclone IV + cyclone 10 FPGA
PMT Low Noise Power Supply15 VDC
Integrated cross impedance amplification low noise power supply土15 VDC
Integrated AOM Low Noise Power Supply24 V/5 VDC