In a two-photon microscope system, the scanning mirror is an optical mirror group placed behind the galvanometer. Its function is to converge parallel light emitted at different angles generated by the deflection of the galvanometer onto an image plane. Each laser point in the image plane is scanned by the galvanometer in a certain angle direction and converged through the scanning mirror. The TVS-SLE series scanning mirror has the characteristics of large scanning angle and high telecentricity, ensuring that the laser scanned by the galvanometer can accurately enter the imaging lens and achieve high-quality imaging.
Product application
Desktop two-photon, confocal, wide-field fluorescence microscope, Raman microscope
Product advantages
Wide transmission wavelength range: 700-1100 nm
Large scanning angle: ≥ 10 °
The optical aberration of the image plane is extremely small, and the image quality is close to the diffraction limit
Minimal field curvature and distortion aberrations
Convenient integration into self built microscope systems
Customization: Customize scanning mirrors with different parameters according to user needs