Product Description
The TVS-CC series collimator highly integrates the device and can be directly installed at the end of the device according to customer requirements, which can shorten the fiber optic excitation
The optical path of the straight cavity of the resonator cavity of the optoelectronic device will be introduced below, taking the example of directly adding a collimator to the third port of the customized coupler as an example.

Cover diagram

Product application
Fiber laser
Infrared sensing
Research applications, communication and other fields

Technical parameter
Convenient and stable: high stability, easy to use, and not easily dama

technical parameter

 Parameters Unit Values
Center Wavelengthnm808、980、1030、1550
Operation Wavelength Rangenm±20
 Isolation LossdB≤0.6
 Working Distancemm100(Or customized by the customer)
Extinction RatiodB≥20
 Return LossdB≥50
 Optical Power (CW)mW≥300 or 2000
Tensile LoadN≤5
 Fiber Type-Ref: PM980; Pass orPM1550nm
 Operating Temperature-5 to +70
Storage Temperature -40 to +85
Package DimensionsmmΦ3.2*10

Ordering Information 



Optical Power


Fiber Type

working Distance

Jacket Type
155015500.5500mw01021*21PM15501010cmBBare fiber
1030103022w02022*22PM980SSpecifyL900um Loose tube