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Job Description

Job responsibilities

1.According to the project requirements, complete the FPGA scheme design, and cooperate with the hardware engineer to complete the schematic inspection and verification;

2.Responsible for FPGA image/video interface development, format conversion, image/video processing, etc.;

3.Complete the implementation of part of the image algorithm on the FPGA side;

4.Preparation and review of relevant design documents.

Job requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in electronic engineering, automation, communication engineering, etc., 5 years or more relevant work experience;

2.Proficient in Verilog or VHDL programming, familiar with FPGA chips from Xilinx and Altera manufacturers;

3.Have complete project development experience, can independently define system/subsystem functions, decompose modules, and complete detailed design, simulation verification, and integration testing;

4.Experience in video streaming processing is preferred;

5.Familiar with high-speed interfaces, experience in interface development such as DDR/LVDS/mipi/SDI is preferred;

6.Experience in the development of FPGA-based image processing algorithms, experience in the development of image system framework or image preprocessing is preferred;

7.Familiarity with image simulation platforms such as Matlab or OpenCV is preferred.

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