11/21 .2023

PRESS RELEASE: Transcend Vivoscope Unveils Cutting-Edge Imaging Technologies at SfN 2023

Washington D.C., Nov. 15, 2023 — Transcend Vivoscope made a triumphant return to Neuroscience 2023 (SfN) this year. Guided by the philosophy "Better Technology, Better Life", our team showcased our visionary array of neuroscientific imaging innovations, including "Multi-Photon Imaging of Freely Behaving Animals", "Multicolored Miniaturized Dual-Photon Microscopy for Deep Brain Imaging", and an engaging demonstration of "SUPERNOVA-100".

05/13 .2024

Booth 501! Come meet us at the FENS Forum 2024, from June 25 to 29 in Vienna, Austria

Transcend Vivoscope will be at FENS Forum 2024 in Vienna from June 25-29.

06/18 .2024

Understanding the Femtosecond Laser: A Cutting-Edge Light Source

The femtosecond laser is an advanced light source that delivers ultra-short laser pulses, typically on the order of 10-15 seconds. This groundbreaking technology utilizes polarization-maintaining nonlinear fiber loop mode-locking, combined with a high-doped Yb polarization-maintaining fiber amplifier, to produce highly stable and precise laser output.

04/18 .2024

Transcend Vivoscope's Miniature Two-Photon Imaging Solution debuts at SNU College of Medicine

South Korea, March, 2023 — In March, the Transcend Vivoscope team successfully installed and commissioned the SN-100, an integrated miniature two-photon microscopy imaging system, at Seoul National University College of Medicine. This marked the debut of Transcend Vivoscope's miniature two-photon imaging technology in South Korean academia. Concurrently, our team hosted a series of product promotional events, showcasing our cutting-edge miniaturized two-photon imaging products and comprehensive solutions.
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