11/21 .2023

PRESS RELEASE: Transcend Vivoscope Unveils Cutting-Edge Imaging Technologies at SfN 2023

Washington D.C., Nov. 15, 2023 — Transcend Vivoscope made a triumphant return to Neuroscience 2023 (SfN) this year. Guided by the philosophy "Better Technology, Better Life", our team showcased our visionary array of neuroscientific imaging innovations, including "Multi-Photon Imaging of Freely Behaving Animals", "Multicolored Miniaturized Dual-Photon Microscopy for Deep Brain Imaging", and an engaging demonstration of "SUPERNOVA-100".

08/17 .2023

Runlong Wu

Multi-color Miniature Two-photon Microscopy for Deep Brain lmaging
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